Coaching icon Ernest Holland commits to video interview to document history of American Football in Panama. 
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College Recruiting Videos

The US college and admissions application process is a very long journey.  Securing sports athletic scholarships, especially for international or US students attending schools in Panama, is also equally challenging.   To assist college bound students, American Football Films remains committed to doing everything it can to ensure that our student athletes have the best chance to win as possible.   

In today's competitive market, a recruiting video is the key component to getting you noticed by a recruiting coach. The first step in getting a school to look at you is your recruiting video.  Coaches will rarely call you until they have seen your highlights.  Highlight videos have become an important tool for college athletic departments.  Most coaches have limited recruiting and travel budgets, and a recruiting video lets a coach evaluate a potential player without leaving campus.   

Simply put, recruiting coaches want to see your athletic skill, hear your speaking skills, and review your work ethic in the gym or practice field.  We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athlete candidates for scholarships.  We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality.

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