Coaching icon Ernest Holland commits to video interview to document history of American Football in Panama. 
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Individual Highlight Videos

Our highly customized highlight videos are well recognized and highly regarded around the world.  We invest many more hours into these projects than that which we can comfortably ask to be compensated.   We do this -- we offer these videos at an affordable rate--  because we believe that we are contributing in a positive way to the overall landscape of American Football in Panama by helping our youth athletes advance from one level to the next by helping them maintain interest and motivation.  Especially for our younger athletes, we try to make them feel like they are NFL superstars!  We incorporate sounds effects, music, photos and on-screen graphics to capture the true passion and adrenaline of the sport while also highlighting their individual skill sets.  We generally only make these videos available at the end of the season and between seasons and work from a waiting list. 

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