: Multiple FAFF members compete in 2021 KFL International Bowl.
: Congratulations Joshua Scott for UVM Linces scholarship offer!
: FAFF seeks host families in Texas, Florida and Georgia for Class of 2023.
: U11 learning and development league with Bobby Hosea coming to Panama soon!
: Yau and Arosemena seeking opportunities at DII and DIII schools in Texas.

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Congrats Joshua Scott for scholarship offer to UVM!

Congrats Believers head coach Jack Reed and Team Panama for NFL win!

FAFF participates in 2022 Senior Showcase in Houston, Texas.

FAFF members mentor with Doug Conrey of Texas Longsnapping.

ABC TV interview Layne and Alavarado in Houston, Texas.

Gridiron Heroes talk financial aid and scholarships with Curry College…

More than 20 FAFF members play on teams through Meet You Halfway.

Top linemen of KFL seek opportunities at next level.

Seniors Arosemena and Yau seek DII and DIII schools.

Mulitple FAFF members compete in KFL Internationl Bowl 2021.

FAFF senior member accepted to top US military high school.

More school visits planned in 2022.



Juan Alvarado

Juan Alvarado

Class of 2023                ...

Gustavo Layne

Gustavo Layne

Class of 2023               ...

Jose "Curls" Perez

Jose "Curls" Perez

Class of 2023 Jose "Curls" Pe...


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