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U19 Varsity Draft 2022

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Similar to the NFL, the Kiwanis Football League (KFL) offers coaches of the five existing teams of U19 Varsity category to add players from other schools to their rosters in a fair and equitable manner.  The purpose is also to give students who have never played contact football or who are not enrolled in a "mother" or "host" school to participate.  Teams usually draft bigger kids while relying on their host school students for talent at other skill positions.  A total of 45 students were assigned to teams through the Draft of 2022 from a pool of approximately 120 eligible athletes.  The first five picks of the first round were:  1. Kiwanis Kolts (Tomás Carles), 2. Balboa Dragons (Gustavo Layne), 3. La Salle Spartans (Lucas Montenegro), 4. AIP Owls (Denis Espinoza), and 5. Brader Raiders (Shawn Leal).








Jose "Curls" Perez

Class of 2023

Jose "Curls" Perez is a student athlete of Panama starting his second year of Varsity football with the Balboa Academy Dragons of the Kiwanis Football League. The son of a former Major League Baseball player, Jose is currently an the 11th grade student at the renown Canadian International School of Panama where he maintains a 4.5 GPA. He is an experienced player of Flag football as a wide receiver and defensive back. "Curls" maintains dual citizenship with Canada and Panama.



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